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Cash For Junk Cars

You even buy Junk Cars


We especially buy junk cars. We understand that it can be difficult to have junk or scrap cars removed from your property. It can even be expensive and time consuming. We have a solution. The same system that applies to all cars in any condition, applies to junk cars as well! That means you can call us up, just like you’re selling a used car, and get a free quote! It also means that removal and towing is completely free! So not only will you profit from the value of the car which you might not have even known existed, but you won’t pay a cent for removal!

Old rusted cars can be an eyesore in your field or outside of your garage; they can even take up valuable space if you keep them inside. So why hold on to them? If you’re never going to use them again, and you would be better off without them, why not have them taken away and get some cash in the process?

Abandoned junk cars can even be detrimental to the environment, seeping their chemicals into the earth. Not to mention creating an unsafe and hazardous area for children, workers, or even wildlife. That’s another reason we are here to remove it for you completely free of charge, with a cash bonus for you!

You probably think, like everybody else, that they have no value, and aren’t even worth the hassle to remove. Even worse, you might think that the specific car you have in mind will not be worth anything, and you’d be wasting your time even calling us. You be very wrong, because at Cash for Junk Cars Arlington, we can always see the value in any car. No matter what shape your car is in, how worthless it might be to you and anyone else, we will make you an offer.

And don’t forget just how easy and convenient our process is! All you need to do is call (817) 767-4078 and give us a few details about your car. We’ll make an offer on the spot, and if you accept we’ll come over that same day and pick it up! Even if you decline the offer, you walk away with a free valuation of your vehicle. We’re positive that you will take our offer, though, because we believe in fair and honest business, and we always offer the best deal on your used or junk cars, trucks, and SUVs!



"Easiest car sale I’ve ever made, honestly. Got sick of looking for a buyer so I made one quick call to them and that was it! I had the cash a few hours later. "

Good luck!
Joe P.