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You shouldn’t even have to ask! At Cash for Junk Cars Arlington, we buy any car in any condition. We appreciate the value of all vehicles. That includes cars, trucks, and SUVs! It even includes junk or scrap cars! We understand that it can be hard to sell any car, let alone a car that has passed its prime. If it’s in awful condition, you’ll end up wasting more time and money trying to find a buyer and bargain with him than the car might even be worth. That’s why we’re here.

We buy cars, trucks, and SUVs in any condition. We will buy old cars, newer cars, slightly used, overly used, damaged, scrapped, even wrecked and completely not functional vehicles! And the best part is, we have our easy and convenient process which starts with you giving us a call at (817) 767-4078 and ends with you getting cash that same day. You don’t even need to leave your house because we will come right to you and pick it up. We’ll even bring a tow truck if we need to, at absolutely no extra cost to you! Maybe you’re still worried that your car has no value, and we will not be able to offer you any cash for it. Relax! We mean it when we say we’ll buy any car in any condition! Here are just a few examples of what we will buy to ease your mind.


The college beater your dad gave you after he used it to commute to work for 5 years that you ended up using for another 4 years. This car has seen so much use and abuse that people don’t even want to drive in it with you, let alone buy it. We’d love to take it off your hands instantly, leaving you with cash and no burden!


Your work truck that you used for hauling stone and wood as well as equipment and workers. The interior is completely trashed from heavy use, and the outside looks even worse. Maybe it won’t even start, but trucks are pretty tough. Either way, it’s right down our alley.


Your junk or scrap car that has been sitting in a garage for 15 years, or even a field! It’s all rusted up and completely nonfunctional, this car will never be driven again. No problem! We’ll come with a tow truck and take it at no extra cost! This way you don’t waste half your earnings on removal trying to recycle it yourself, we’ve got you covered!

So as we said, we will literally buy any car in any condition! Just give us a call at (817) 767-4078 now for a free quote!



"Easiest car sale I’ve ever made, honestly. Got sick of looking for a buyer so I made one quick call to them and that was it! I had the cash a few hours later. "

Good luck!
Joe P.